Deodorizing Utility Fogger
 Deodorizing Utility Fogger
 Deodorizing Utility Fogger

NEW Deodorizing Utility Fogger

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The Stink Solution’s Utility Fogger is an easy-to-use way to deodorize any space instantly and efficiently. This unit comes with a 1-quart tank, which makes it light and maneuverable. Just twist the powerhead to detach the tank, pour in The Stink Solution, then another half twist and you're good to go. Slide the switch on the handle and adjust the rotary valve to set droplet size.

This compact, convenient fogger has many uses for deodorizing:

  • Cars
  • RV’s
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Locker-Rooms
  • Patios
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Carpets
  • and MORE!

    The Fogmaster Jr. is perfect for those "in-between" jobs - too small for an industrial unit, too large for a trigger sprayer.


    "I loved this product. It worked so well on my gym bag and workout clothes. A super bonus, it works on the litter box, the dog's bed, and my car. Oh, and did I tell you it's great in the kitchen, too! This is a must for everybody. I can't say enough good about it." – JD

     "Not very often that something works as it's advertised. This stuff works great! I wasn't expecting much but it really does get rid of the lingering smell. I don't think it's just masking it either because it's been three days and the odor is not coming back." - Chris

    “I was given a small bookcase that is beautiful. It had been around cigarette smoke. I applied the “Smokers Odor Eliminating Spray” with the fogger, and it smelled wonderful. I treated the wood inside and out three times. Allowing drying in between. It WORKED! No more smoke. Also, it didn’t harm the wood finish. It is an amazing product that I will keep on hand. It is great on furniture, drapes, etc. Thank you!” - Amy

    “We had a long car trip across the states with pets that led to a less than new car smell. Ordered the OAM Spray and fogger and it took care of it in one go! Now it's used around the house as needed and works like a charm without any weird lingering scents.” – Timmy


    What is the liquid capacity of the fogger?
    The fogger will hold one quart (950 ml)

    What is OAM Technology?
    OAM stands for Odor Absorbing Molecules. It is our plant-based, biodegradable, non-toxic formula without harmful chemicals, enzymes, or nerve agents. The nature of OAM won’t harm fabrics, upholstery, furniture, or finishes on any surface.

    Does it just mask and cover up the odor?
    No, The Stink Solution eliminates the smell of the odor upon immediate contact.

    How much do I need to use?
    Use enough to saturate and fully penetrate the smelly surface/material.

    Is there a money-back guarantee?
    Yes, if for any reason The Stink Solution doesn’t work, please email us within 14 days & allow us to make it right!

    Is there a smell it won’t eliminate?
    We have not found one: The Stink Solution works on EVERYTHING!

    Is it safe to use around kids and pets?
    Yes, our ingredients are 100% safe on skin and fur because we’re 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, and Contain NO Enzymes.

    Will it eliminate the odor forever?
    Yes, unless the odor is reintroduced, The Stink Solution WILL remove the odor FOREVER!

    Will it stain?
    No, The Stink Solution with OAM (Odor Absorbing Molecule) Technology is colorless and will NOT stain fabrics and materials.