Take The #StinkChallenge

Get Rid Of The Smelliest, Funkiest Odor You Can Imagine

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How The #StinkChallenge Works

1. Go around your home, car, office, etc., and find the WORST smelling thing you can find!

2. Grab a bottle of The Stink Solution and spray the h*ll out of it. The goal is to put The Stink Solution to the test to see how well it will get rid of the funky odor!

3. Snap some photos or videos during the process.

4. Let it dry, and take a whiff!

5. Post your photos or videos to social media and tell us how bad your odor smelled vs. how it smells after you've taken the stink challenge.

6. Tag us on Instagram or Tiktok @thestinksolution and use #StinkChallenge