Bamboo Teak 🎋

Bamboo Teak smells like an escape to an emerald bamboo forest with sparkling notes of citrus and sage surrounded by water lilies, spring violets, and gentle white musk.

*Available in Smoker & Laundry Booster

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Citrus Orange 🍊

Citrus Orange is a deliciously sweet, fruity, fresh, tangy smell. An uplifting, distinctive, aroma with zesty notes.

*Available in For Any Odor or Cat

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Coconut Lime 🥥

Coconut Lime is extremely fresh; like a garden of citrus lime, kumquat, grapefruit, and lemon with jasmine and coconut undertones.

*Availabe in Hockey

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Coconut Mango 🥭

Coconut Mango is like a mouthwatering, tangy-sweet, island coconut with a touch of vanilla and honey mango. A sugary musk tropical mix.

*Available in For Any Odor & Auto

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Driftwood ☀️

Driftwood is a fresh scent that is refreshing and beach-like.

*Available in Sport

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Midnight 🌙

Midnight is a male-oriented, light, fresh fragrance that is also liked by women. A fragrance both peaceful and sensual with earthy scents of patchouli and cedar intermingled with a full-bodied blend of leather, sandalwood, and cashmere amber.

*Available in Auto

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Open Road 🚐

Open Road is a lavish lush combination of peach, cherry blossom, and white jasmine. It is a casual and refreshing scent.

*Available in Odorless RV Open Road

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Pomegranate 🍒

Pomegranate is a refreshing, fruity, berry, uplifting scent. It has a sweet-tart twist that is subtle and appealing.

*Available in Dog

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Road Fresh 🚛

Road Fresh includes an aroma of fresh Persian lime, wild roses, and violet that are rounded out with the outdoor essence of vanilla and oak.

*Available in Odorless Trucker

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Shower Fresh 🚿

Shower Fresh captures the essence of an enchanting bamboo forest retreat, blending invigorating citrus and sage with the tranquility of water lilies, subtle white musk, and spring violets.

*Available in Bathroom

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Sky Blue 🍨

Sky Blue is a weightless combination of bergamot and lychee intertwined with muguet, vetiver, and vanilla musk. It is comparable to the popular fragrance “The One by Dolce & Gabanna”. You’re in for a dynamic, refreshing treat with this fragrance.

*Available in Smoker

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Tranquility 💦

Tranquility is a soothing scent with wild lavender and a hint of rose-infused with ozone, gentle rain, white lily, and clean musk background. It is peaceful and refreshing, to say the least.

*Available in For Any Odor

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Wee Wee Fresh 🍏

Wee Wee Fresh scent opens with a burst of crisp juiciness, revealing the succulent essence of freshly bitten Macintosh apples. Its aroma dances on the breeze, weaving a fragrant tapestry of fruity sweetness and a hint of earthy undertones.

*available in urine

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Unscented 🚫

Unscented is powerful enough to eliminate odors without the need for a fragrance because odors are neutralized and eliminated, not masked by a scent.

*Available in For Any Odor, Odorless Outdoorsman, Odorless Trucker, Hockey, Sport, & Laundry Booster

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