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We bought a house owned by smokers. I cleaned, washed, scrubbed, mopped, but the odor lingered. I spritzed all the wallpaper and in the closets with this product and 20 minutes later the house smelled amazing! Two hours later, you couldn't tell there was a smoker in the house. I would completely recommend this product!!!!


I was given a small book case that is beautiful. It had been around cigarette smoking. I applied ‘Smokers Odor Eliminating Spray.’ It smelled wonderful. I treated the wood inside and out three times. Allowing drying in between. It WORKED! No more smoke. Also it didn’t harm the wood finish.
It is an amazing product that I will keep on hand. It is great on furniture, and drapes.


We have cats at home. Most use the litter box but some do not. Those few do their thing all over the place. We have tried sprays that are suppose to cover up cat urine. They do a fair job. But this Unscented Odor Eliminating Spray really does a great job. No perfume scent, just a neutral aroma.