What to do if your boyfriend has stinky feet?

What to do if your boyfriend has stinky feet?

I just moved in with my boyfriend, and his feet STINK! It has only been about two weeks, and the entire apartment already smells like rotten cheese and a fishing boat. Do not get me wrong, I love my boyfriend to death. He is kind, funny, caring, supportive, and loving, but the odor that comes flying out of his feet when he takes off his shoes is unbearable.

Imagine this: you are a total clean freak. Your bed is always made, you never leave a single crumb on the floor, and your favorite candle is always lit. Your first apartment with your boyfriend is just what you imagined it to be. It is cozy, cute, and inviting. You are enjoying a relaxing evening to yourself in a clean space while patiently waiting for your boyfriend to come home. After waiting for what feels like forever, you finally hear his key open the lock to the front door. You run up to greet him with a hug. Since you are a clean freak, give him the look to remind him to take off his shoes before he steps further inside. It is not long before you are INSTANTLY greeted by the most sour odor you have smelled in your entire life...his feet. The excitement you once felt about him finally being home has dwindled rapidly due to the smell.

It took me only two days of living with this exact story to realize he needed a solution for his foot odor ASAP! I took to Google and found The Stink Solution. They said it would eliminate any odor, or I would get my money back. I figured it was worth it to at least try.

I quickly received my order of For Any Odor Unscented odor eliminating spray. When my boyfriend came home that day, I told him I had a surprise waiting for him. Little did he know, it was actually a total surprise for me. After he routinely took off his shoes once he was home from work, I showed him The Stink Solution and got right to business.

I sprayed every centimeter of his shoes: soles, laces, tongue, toe cap, inside, outside, bottom, and top! I even sprayed his socks and feet directly since The Stink Solution says is safe on skin. Then, I took the biggest leap of faith...I smelled his shoes and his feet up close.

I was completely shocked when I smelled NOTHING! His pungent, sweaty, foul foot odor was COMPLETELY GONE! After just one application, I could take a deep breath without fighting the urge to make a run for it.

Ladies, if your man has horrible smelling feet, I found your secret weapon! I swear by The Stink Solution.

My boyfriend has been embarrassed by his stinky feet for his entire life. Now this spray goes with him everywhere. He uses it everyday, and it has changed his life (and mine)!

Look no further for the best stinky feet odor eliminator! Click here to shop now!

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