The Best Way to Remove Foul Odors from a Baseball Glove

The Best Way to Remove Foul Odors from a Baseball Glove

Ah, your favorite time of year has returned, baseball season! You probably love watching your adorable son play his little heart out on the field. He's dedicated, determined, and obsessed with the sport. You've been his #1 cheerleader on the sidelines since the days of t-ball! You'd do anything for that cute kid of yours.

But, there's always a "catch". Despite the glory of getting to watch him play, there's always the aftermath of smelling his rotten, rank baseball glove. Talk about foul and not the foul ball the audience saw. The foul odor coming from his glove and other baseball gear after every single game and practice he's ever had is becoming just too much to bear!

You love what he does, from a distance. However, the second he climbs in your SUV to head home, you can't help but wish he was still out on the field ... away from your nose.

Good news, parents! The Stink Solution will do the trick to help eliminate and absorb ALL those horrendous odors you've been dealing with for far too long. This incredible odor eliminating spray is made from an all-natural, biodegradable, medical-grade formula, so you don't have to worry about it harming the baseball glove material. Just give a nice spray down inside and outside of the glove to get rid of those unbearable smells. You can even use it to spray down pants, jerseys, cleats, helmets, pads, umpire gear, bats, socks, and more!

Now you can enjoy watching your son play and enjoy the ride home, too. Once you try it out, you'll be dying to share it with the other parents in the stands who know the pain you once felt from those gnarly odors. Even the coach will want to know what magic product you've been using.

Don't hog the secret Stink Solution all to yourself. If someone else had found us before you did, you'd be begging for the answer, too.

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