How to Remove Tough Odors from Your Laundry

How to Remove Tough Odors from Your Laundry

Ugh, here we go again. Another week’s worth of laundry has piled up beyond belief! While trying to figure out how one small family can create this much dirty laundry, your nose is trying to figure out how this awful smell continues to accumulate week after week.

Let’s face it, your family is busy, but the smells can’t help themselves. From your son’s daily football practices and two games a week to your daughter’s never-ending volleyball tournaments, the kids don't always smell the best. Also, the hard-working sweat from your rigorous workout schedule and the smelly B.O. coming from your husband’s yard work shirt doesn’t help the family stench situation either.

You and your family aren’t pigs, but your laundry room sure smells like a barn. Despite the dread, you do all the loads of laundry, fold it away nicely, and almost feel a sense of relief, but the washer, dryer, and hampers still smell like sh*t. You have had enough!

If you find yourself wondering how to make your clothes and laundry room smell better, the answer is The Stink Solution. This odor-eliminating spray will turn your sewage smelling mudroom into the refreshing oasis it once was.

How to remove laundry odors?

Not only is it 100% safe to use around kids and pets, but it is also vegan, non-toxic, biodegradable, and contains no harmful enzymes. This medical-grade odor eliminating spray is specially formulated to eliminate the toughest odors from sports, sweat, urine, feces, food, and more! It is safe to use on clothes, towels, blankets, socks, hats, swimwear, and anything else you find in your laundry room. It even works to eliminate the smell of smoke from clothes!

You can use it directly in your load of laundry by pouring ¼ cup into the machine, or you can spray washing and drying machine liners. Don’t hesitate to give those clothes the love they need from The Stink Solution.

Trust us, your nose will thank you after using this one.

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