How to Remove Odor from Shoes

How to Remove Odor from Shoes

Getting a brand new pair of shoes is like waking up on a perfect, sunny, Sunday morning. It feels refreshing and exciting. Oh, the places you'll go in those stylish new kicks of yours.

After a few years, months, and even weeks, the freshness those new shoes once had is long gone! They've started smelling like rotting eggs mixed with year-old tuna and a splash of sh*t! The odor on your footwear is not your proudest possession. In fact, it's getting so bad that you're starting to wonder if it's your footwear that's causing people to give you the side-eye at the grocery store. How embarrassing?!

Your nostrils can't take it anymore, let alone the cute boy you've been trying to impress at the gym. Here's the inside scoop ... He thinks you're cute, too, but anytime you get close, his instincts tell him to run. Yes, your shoes smell that bad!

Well, maybe it's not you that has the stinky shoes in the family. Perhaps it's your husband and kids. Boy does that mudroom reek after your man gets home from a long day on the job, and the kids are home from school and sports practices. No matter how many times you tell them to leave their shoes outside to avoid bringing those odors in your home, no one ever listens.

How to remove odor from work boots

No one wants to part way with their favorite shoes, cleats, or work boots. But, sometimes even 100 washes won't do the trick to deodorize those puppies.

Okay, let's face it! It is time to do something about this shoe crisis ASAP. Correct us if we're wrong, but we think we have the answer to all your fishy footwear problems.

The Stink Solution is exactly what you need to get rid of all those nasty shoe odors. This odor-eliminating spray consists of a medical-grade formula guaranteed to knock out those horrifying aromas. The Stink Solution is all-natural, vegan, biodegradable, and enzyme-free. It's strong enough to eliminate the smell from a skunk, so it'll be sure to work on your worst case of poop shoe!


Stop the unwanted side-eye stares at the store and get that cute gym boy to finally approach you. Take on the stink challenge with us and spray your gnarliest footwear. 100% satisfaction in our product is guaranteed, not the success rate of getting you a boyfriend.

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