How To Make Your Home Office Smell Nice

How To Make Your Home Office Smell Nice

Let's hop in a time machine and take ourselves back to the good ol' year of 2020. If you worked an office job before the pandemic, you might be able to relate to this storyline very well.

It is March two thousand and twenty. You just received news from your CEO that your company is moving to remote work for two weeks. You think to yourself, "It is time to set up a temporary home office." Perhaps you cleared a space for work at your kitchen table, or you pulled out the folding table in your garage and put it in your bedroom to work in the meantime.

Two weeks go by, and you've learned that you will be working remotely for another month. Your temporary setup isn't ideal, but it is still getting the job done.

The next thing you know, you have just learned that you will be working from home for the rest of the year. Suddenly you realize that your kitchen or bedroom office is not going to cut it anymore.

You spent the entire weekend converting your guest room into your permanent workplace. You ordered a cute desk, office chair, filing cabinet, rug, decorations, and whatever else you can find to make this office as comfortable and professional as can be. Working from home sounds pretty good now, doesn't it?

Okay, let's fast forward to 2022. You have been working from home for two years now, and your office is not as cute and fresh as it once was. Every day you enter your office and despise the musty smells that have built up after one too many nerve-racking zoom calls.

Your office chair stinks like a fart, your rug smells like a sweaty yoga mat, and you can't get past that sour leftover, lingering food smell.


This is where The Stink Solution odor-eliminating sprays come into play. Whether it's food, farts, must, or sweat smells you are trying to eliminate from your office, we have you covered.

The Stink Solution comes in a variety of fresh, delicious fragrances so you can find your perfect spray. Our formula is safe, natural, and non-toxic, so you can spray it anywhere. Use it on your office chair, curtains, rugs, walls, cabinets, and where ever else has gotten musty to INSTANTLY deodorize your space.

how to deodorize an office chair
No one likes working in a smelly office. Leave it to us to refresh your work from home office easily and quickly.

So, the next time you sweat through to your office chair after a stressful meeting, grab The Stink Solution so your office can remain odor free at all times.

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