How to Make Your Dog Smell Better Without a Bath

How to Make Your Dog Smell Better Without a Bath

Imagining your day without your dog is probably nearly impossible. He's your companion, your cuddle buddy, and, most importantly, he always lightens up your day!

Day after day, he plays just as hard as you work. All that fun time adds up, and it can often lead to odors that are far from pleasant. No, he doesn't sweat like we do ... thank goodness. But, he sure does pick up odors from the places he encounters.

With all of those fun trips to and from the dog park, and he's starting to lose his freshness. You notice you've been having a hard time getting close to him without wanting to plug your nose.

How to eliminate odors from your dog without a bath

The problem is, you just gave him a bath last week, and you're getting sick of the constant chore of bathing him so often. Of course you want him to be clean, but you're finding it hard to make time to bathe him weekly. It'd be nice to find something that would freshen him up in between baths, right?

Well after trying several ways to freshen things up, you've finally found your answer.

The Stink Solution is a medical-grade odor eliminating spray that can get rid of all your stinky dog needs. Just spray The Stink Solution directly on his fur and the odors will disappear immediately upon contact! It is 100% safe to use on him because our medical grade formula made with OAM Technology is all natural, biodegradable, and enzyme-free. You won't have to worry about harming his fur, skin, or lungs.

Dog safe odor eliminator

So, if you're looking for a way to freshen things up for your favorite furry friend, you've found your solution.

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