How to Get the Smell Out of Football Gear!

How to Get the Smell Out of Football Gear!

Football season might look a little different this year, but it doesn't mean players aren't working as hard. With hard work comes nasty smells. Parents know it, student-athletes know it, and their pads, jerseys, and cleats know it.

Friday nights wouldn't be complete without a few loads of stinky sports laundry and a nose pinching ride home from the football field. No matter the outcome of the game or the length of the practice, the smells are always the same.

A stinky player is part of the sport, but why deal with the smell longer than you have to? You want to be the most supportive mom, dad, partner, friend, and teammate you can, but when your favorite player smells like a rotten tuna sandwich, your support is from a distance.

Have you ever thought, there has to be a better way to keep these smells under control?! Us, too!

That's why The Stink Solution might be your new best friend! This natural, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable odor eliminator is 100% safe to use on all materials and fabrics to eliminate ANY smell.

It works to remove odor from cleats, pads, jerseys, pants, helmets, socks, duffle bags, gloves, accessories, and more! Your son's girlfriend and his coach will thank you.

Do you think your kid might be too stinky for this to work? Try it. We haven't found a single athlete that can out stink the power of The Stink Solution.

Trust us, use it after every game and practice, and your nose will thank you. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

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