How to Get the Smell Out of Dance Shoes

How to Get the Smell Out of Dance Shoes

For her entire life, she's been eating, sleeping, and breathing dance. You can't get your daughter off that sage or out of that studio. She is married to the sport, and you are beyond proud of all that she's accomplished as a dancer.

She's elegant, swift, and seamless when she performs. Watching her dance makes your heart warm and gives you peace.

However, what doesn't give you peace is the rotten odor seeping out of her dance shoes. Her hip hop shoes, ballet shoes, point shoes, jazz shoes, foot undies, and more all give off a rancid/cheese-like smell! One whiff of her shoes and your eyes are watering like you just cut an onion!

How to deodorize stinky dance shoes

Because you're a professional dance mom, you have all the tricks up your sleeve, but something about the odor on these shoes is just impossible to combat. You've tried everything from dryer sheets to baking soda, and nothing is doing working to deodorize her various dance shoes.

You've almost given up, but luckily you just stumbled upon the best way to get rid of those awful odors that you want nothing to do with! 

The Stink Solution is a powerful odor eliminating spray that uses OAM Technology to absorb the strongest odors in every crack and crevice of her dance shoes. It is specifically formulated to bond with odors and eliminate them immediately upon contact! It is made of an all-natural, medical-grade formula that is guaranteed to safely remove the smells without harming the materials that the shoes are made from. It's also 100% safe to use directly on skin and feet.

So, if you're looking to be on top of your dance mom game yet again, The Stink Solution is your new best friend. Other dancers and dance moms aren't going to believe how fresh your daughter's shoes smell! Not only will your dancer thank you, but your nose will, too!

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