How to Freshen Up Your Roller Skates/Blades

How to Freshen Up Your Roller Skates/Blades

Like most places around the country, your local roller skate rink is open and ready for you to come enjoy. Winter has arrived, and it's here to stay, so roller blading is the perfect indoor activity. You've been eager to bust out your roller skates again and show everyone your smooth moves. Your go-to favorite activity is about to begin. 

You head out into the garage to dust off your blades and prepare them for the fun days to come. It won't be long before you're a pro :)

A few months have gone by, and you've been having a blast. However, a problem has started to arise. Your roller blades/skates no longer smell fresh and airy as they once did. In fact, they smell just like crap! No joke! Your friends are starting to notice and make fun of your fish-smelling feet. Alright, it's time to take care of this problem.

The Stink Solution is a powerful odor eliminating spray that uses OAM Technology to absorb the strongest odors in every crack and crevice of your roller blades. It is specifically formulated to bond with odors and eliminate them immediately upon contact! It is made of an all-natural, medical-grade formula that is guaranteed to safely remove the smells without harming the materials that the skates are made from. It's 100% safe to use directly on skin and feet, too. 

So, the next time you want to hit the roller rink, you won't have to be embarrassed by the atrocious odors that your skates have racked up. Just start spraying them down after each skate session, and you'll be in the clear. 

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