How to Freshen Up Throw Pillows

How to Freshen Up Throw Pillows

Oh, my goodness! Those decorative throw pillows you picked up a few years ago are still rocking it. Your guests are always complimenting on how adorable they look in your home. Not only are they the cutest pillows you've ever seen, but they're also unbelievably comfortable! Your kids and spouse love to snuggle up with them to watch big games and movies. You hit the jackpot when you bought them, that's for sure!

However, after all these years of loving those decor pillows, you're starting to realize your worst nightmare is coming true. They absolutely REEK!

There is no way you're going to be able to find pillows as cute as the ones you already have, but you can't put up with the odor they've accumulated much longer.

So, we're sure we can guess what you've done next. You've scoured the internet to figure out how to deodorize decorative pillows with or without washing them. Some of the pillows will be fine to throw in the washing machine, but others are a little bit more delicate.

Well, you're in luck! You've stumbled upon the best decorative pillow deodorizer money can buy. The Stink Solution is a powerful odor eliminating spray that uses OAM Technology to absorb the strongest smells that those cute pillows of yours have racked up.

Deodorize throw pillows without washing them

You can spray The Stink Solution the hard to wash pillows directly or put 1/4 cup into your washer to eliminate the odors from the easy to wash pillows. It is specifically formulated to bond with the odors and eliminate them immediately upon contact! It is made of an all-natural, medical-grade formula that is guaranteed to safely remove the smells without harming the materials that the pillows are made from.

So, next time you go to snuggle up with your favorite couch pillow, you won't have to wince in pain from the horrible odors. 

Breathe easy with The Stink Solution!

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