How to Eliminate Odor from Your Home Gym!

How to Eliminate Odor from Your Home Gym!

We all know working out and getting exercise has looked a little different in 2020. Chances are you’ve probably looked for several creative ways to stay fit outside of your local gym this year. You’ve probably spent time hiking, biking, running outdoors, yoga, or anything else you can think of to safely get out of the house for an hour and get your daily dopamine booster.

However, what happened when it was too hot to go outside, or you didn’t have time to drive over to your favorite hiking/biking spot? You probably took to your trusty ol’ home gym … aka the living room or your bedroom. It started great, no people, no germs, and no intimidating gym rats! You’ve started to like working out from the comfort of your own home until the dreaded odors started to linger.

The days of fresh smelling carpets, yoga mats, and gym shoes has ended. Now every time you go to sit in your living room, you get a big whiff of body odor from that time you turned your couch into a bench-press seat. Perhaps now the basement carpet smells like rotten laundry that’s been sitting for weeks. Oh, wait?! It’s just the leftover, B.O. from last week’s workout.

Wherever makeshift gym odors have crept their way into your home this year, don’t let it discourage you from your daily grind! The Stink Solution is here to help! This non-toxic, vegan, all-natural, and biodegradable odor eliminator is the answer to all your “smell be gone” wishes. It is 100% safe to use around kids and pets and will not harm any fabrics, materials, or carpets in your home/makeshift gym.

The Stink Solution works hard to eliminate odors from blood, sweat, and tears. You can use it on yoga mats, home gym flooring, couches, dumbbells, gloves, workout gear, tennis shoes, stationary bike seats, and more! Exercising from home has its perks, but boy can it get smelly fast!

Let us help get rid of those hard to eliminate odors in your home!

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