How to Deodorize Musty Winter Gear

How to Deodorize Musty Winter Gear

For some, winter is a magical time of year. Contrary to summer lover's beliefs, there are endless amounts of activities to do when the snow comes rolling in. From snowboarding, skiing, and sledding to snow showing, ice skating, bobsledding, and more, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy this time of year!

At the end of a long day on the slopes or out in the mountains, coming home and relaxing is pretty rewarding. The reward doesn't last long when you notice your winter gear smells absolutely atrocious! You might as well have rolled around in tuna with the way your snow jacket, pants, and boots smell! You winter enthusiasts know what I'm talking about!

You're in a dilemma now. The cute, cozy winter cabin you rented for this weekend's snow trip didn't come with a washer and dryer. Either you buck up and wear your foul gear for tomorrow's adventure, or you stay back and watch your friends have all the fun. Neither option sounds pleasing!

If you're facing BO smelling jackets, pants, ski/snowboard boots, gloves, thermals, or helmets, it's time The Stink Solution comes to the rescue! Washing winter gear, finding time to wash winter gear, or not having the resources to wash winter gear shouldn't stop you from enjoying your fresh smelling snow outfit in the mountains. The Stink Solution is a great alternative for freshening up your things when you're in a pinch or in between washes. 

Winter Sports Odor Eliminator

The Stink Solution uses OAM Technology to remove ALL odors IMMEDIATELY upon contact. Our powerful odor elimination technology is enzyme-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe enough to use on hair, skin, and ALL types of fabrics and materials. The Stink Solution won't mask odors like perfume. Our spray will completely rid all unpleasant smells, so you don't have to worry about being the smelly one on the chair lift.

The next time you come back from a nice day spent in the snow to then discover awful odors in your helmet, boots, gloves, clothes, protection gear, backpacks, and more, The Stink Solution has you covered in freshness from head to toe!

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