How to Deodorize Musty Smells from a Suitcase

How to Deodorize Musty Smells from a Suitcase

Ahh, you just settled in back at home after a long, much-needed vacation to Hawaii. The beach was warm, the pool was relaxing, and the family memories you made were unforgettable. In fact, your vacation went so well you're already planning when to go back.

Sometimes, however, you need a vacation from your vacation. You're not quite ready to unpack yet, and you just want to relax before you have to head back to real life, work, and school tomorrow. So, you put your suitcase in the closet to deal with next weekend.

The good news is that your first week back to reality wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be. But, the bad news is that you still haven't unpacked your suitcase. You've finally found some time to check that chore off your list. 

You begin unzipping it, and you're immediately greeted with a whiff of rotting swimsuit and musky, old laundry odors. You're starting to wish you would've just unpacked when you got home last weekend. You're annoyed with yourself, but it's not that big of a deal because you needed to catch up on laundry anyway.

Once you've thrown your clothes in the wash, unpacked your toiletries, and put away your shoes, the fishy ocean smell still lingers in your suitcase. There is no way you can pack for another trip again with your travel bag smelling like that. The odors are so strong that not even airing it out is going to help. 

The Stink Solution is just what you need to deodorize your travel suitcase! This powerful odor eliminating spray uses OAM Technology to absorb the worst, musky odors that your suitcase has accumulated from your recent trip. It is specifically formulated to bond with the smells and eliminate them immediately upon contact! It is an all-natural, medical-grade formula that is guaranteed to safely remove the odors without harming any of the materials that the suitcase is made of.

So, instead of shopping around for a new suitcase since yours smells like a rotten tuna sandwich, you can just spritz down your current suitcase and breathe easily for your next trip. Don't let those odors haunt you, do something about it. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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