How to Deodorize Diaper Pails

How to Deodorize Diaper Pails

Diaper Pails. Do we even need to say more without having flashbacks to the horrendous odors associated with them? Of course, you love your baby more than life itself, but boy do they know how to create some incredible stink!

How to eliminate the smell from diaper pails

No amount of upkeep and disinfecting can possibly eliminate the awfulness that comes with them. If you know, you know! Every parent's enemy lies within that pail and under the lid. Getting chills just by reading this? Okay, it's time to do something about that.

The Stink Solution has come to your rescue! This medical-grade odor eliminating spray is strong enough to get rid of the eye-watering, gut-wrenching smells coming from that diaper pail that you want nothing to do with. It's strong enough to eliminate the smell from a skunk, so your baby's poo odor is no challenge for The Stink Solution.

We think it's the perfect holiday gift for couples. You buy him this outstanding product, then convince him you are off diaper duty for the next few months. After he realizes he will no longer have to put on a hazmat suit every time he opens the diaper pail, you might have yourself a deal. You're welcome :)

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